How do YOU stand out?

The most unique thing that you have to sell as a coach is YOU. If you're not highlighting that to your potential clients, you may be missing out. I can help!

What is holding you back?

Be honest....

What is stopping you from building your audience? Finding you potential customers and getting your voice into the world TODAY?

I’m not a salesperson

Good!  People don’t like being sold to!  I assure you, all you need to be is YOU

I don’t know how

Everyone starts somewhere!  I can break down all of the mechanics for you and make it all simple.

I don’t have money to run ads

Ads are not the only way to build an audience!  I can show you how to find your tribe organically

Sound Familiar?

This is my excuses face

I’m not good in front of a camera

I don’t know my target audience

I don’t have a niche

I don’t have that much content

I don’t know what to say

I don’t have a brand

The truth is there are only a few things you really need to build your audience and make your mark on the world.

Passion and clarity in your message
Dedication to finishing what you commit to


I feel you

When I first learned about coaching I was SO EXCITED!

You mean I can really, REALLY help people for a living?

I took all the classes, I practiced, I studied and I thought I was ready.

Then I started to try to launch my actual business……

There were just SO MANY things!

I didn’t know what my niche was.  In fact, I fumbled around through at least 4 of them before I actually found my passion.

I didn’t even know my own voice!  Was I going to be all sensitive and fluffy, or crass and swear a lot?  Would people even understand and like me if I just talked like I usually do?

Then there was the getting people to find me!  I felt like I was trying to scream into the void of the internet – HEY!  LOOK AT ME!!  and getting an echo in return.

And that’s in return for the HOURS AND HOURS I was putting into just spamming everything I could with whatever I thought people would like.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Videos, Podcasts….. when would I have time to even work with clients when I finally found one?

I struggled for a long time, on my own, before the pieces started to click together and I got anywhere.  Before I figured out that balance with my social media and how to make what I was saying more value, rather than just screaming out loud.

Today I finally have that balance.  I’m able to be exactly who I am, in my own voice.  Finding that power, finding that voice and getting back to that feeling of REALLY helping people is what gave me the passion to do what I do.

Because someone who is looking to get out and help others should never be left drowning in the pool of confusion and doubt.  I want to help you find your voice, find your audience and get back to the real heart of why you started down this road.

What They’re Saying

Misty is patient, insightful, encouraging, and giving -- just what we need with a coach who asks questions for us to consider and create our own paths.

Misty has transformed my attitude and view of social media and the power it has - most importantly my comfort levels with social media! Working with her has been outstanding - constantly asking me to stretch a little further beyond my comfort zone. The challenge to always do and give a little more! But always knowing that if I need help & support - she's open for questions and advice! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

I just love Misty. She is truly an accomplished Life Coach and is fearless but full of compassion and kindness. She has a knowing look and a sense of fun (I see that glint in your eye, lady) and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a Life Coach.